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MDA Avaz Reader: Reading made fun and easier Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - MDA Avaz Reader: Reading made fun and easier

MDA Avaz Reader is a reading app that offers exciting stories and evidence-based support to kids of all ages.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. MDA Avaz Reader: Reading made fun and easier is now available on the regular basis.

MDA Avaz Reader is a reading app that offers exciting stories and evidence-based support to kids of all ages. It is a great tool to develop their reading fluency and independent reading.

The app can be a kid’s reading buddy, providing hints and help every step of the way. It’s a fun way to expand their vocabulary while they discover the joy of reading.

With MDA Avaz Reader, students can read their textbooks by importing PDFs or taking photos of the books. This promotes reading comprehension resulting in better academic performance.

Try MDA Avaz Reader free for 14 days & choose from our affordable subscription plans to continue using all of its exciting features.

+ Key features
- Download exciting books from within the app
- Import a PDF document quickly to your library
- No active internet connection required after download
- Share your already-reviewed pages with other Avaz Reader users
- Easily customize settings
- Seamless keyboard integration for reviewing
- User-friendly buttons for simple understanding
- Prompt support on mail and chat
- Real-life text analysis
- High-quality text-to-speech feature
- Screen-masking to aid focusing
- Synchronized highlighting of text
- Hints available as rhyming words and images
- Colored overlays to assist readers with Irlen Syndrome
- Breaking down words into syllables
- Word families based on syllables
- Configurable speed and progress
- Independent and assisted user flows

Why use MDA Avaz Reader?

+ Use books you already have
Use any age-appropriate books. You do not need any special PDFs or web resources and can add a page by simply capturing an image with text in it. Several pages can also be added at the same time.

+ Download exciting stories
Download stories for all reading levels from within the app. The compelling stories with captivating images motivate young children to read.

+ Hints to encourage reading
When the child finds it difficult to read a particular word, they can tap the Hint button. This ensures that the child is not discouraged by a new or seemingly difficult word. Additionally, the use of Hints will also stimulate phonemic and conceptual understanding. A variety of Hints available on the app are -
- Rhyming words and images
- Word family hints
- Hints for starting, middle and end blends

+ Builds comprehension skills
The Build feature helps in parsing the sentences in the text and focusing on the smaller syntactic units. This enables children to comprehend the text more effectively.

+ Promotes stress-free reading
There are three different reader views on the app.
- Page view shows the entire page
- Sentence view shows only one sentence at a time
- Word view shows just one word

+ Promotes distraction-free reading
- Use Plain-text mode to remove background images to show only bare text
- The Focus button highlights a single line on the page which contains the current word to read. This maintains the child's visual focus on the highlighted word, and helps avoid visual overstimulation.

+ Enables finger-reading
The pencil icon on the reading page helps track the words they are reading.This lowers convergence difficulties while aiding hand-eye coordination. The pointer can be easily re-positioned by double-tapping the new word.

MDA Avaz Reader is developed by Avaz, the team behind the award-winning AAC app for individuals with speech-related difficulties, in collaboration with the Madras Dyslexia Association(MDA). The app built based on 20+ years of research carried out by the reputed MDA, employs several reading comprehension strategies that enable kids to read better.

Download MDA Avaz Reader now and enable your child to get better at reading, while they read independently.

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any query or feedback, please email us at


Avaz Inc.










5.0 and up

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