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Meteorize Free Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Meteorize Free

Meteorize is based in outer space with the simple premise that strange asteroids are threatening our cosy planet.
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How much time is wasted in elementary or primary school learning times tables and number bonds when it could be devoted to absorbing mathematical concepts?*
Meteorize is based in outer space with the simple premise that strange asteroids are threatening our cosy planet. Your job is to shoot them!
The process of firing missiles requires psychic strength and once this is depleted there is a short time-out during which mental faculties are restored using simple questions.
Progression through the 48 levels depends on accuracy of answering questions, a new question being asked with each level but only once a sufficient proficiency has been achieved. With each level comes a new challenge from the pesky meteorites too: more of them, faster, starting from different locations and sometimes accompanied by "good" meteorites that shouldn't be destroyed or by beautiful but dangerous dust. The missiles also evolve with different speeds, trajectories and gravitational effects...
Is that a whale and a bowl of petunias? Respect the European Space Agency when *you* try to land a fridge on a comet.
*These are the things that are wrong with traditional teaching multiplication tables: 1). There aren't 144 products to learn, after all 6x7 is the same as 7x6. Also there's no point learning 1x 10x 11x (up to 11x9) or 'easy' 5x. So when you take those out there are only 40 left. 2). It is just as important to be able to do the division as multiplication. 3). All kids can assimilate an amazing number of arbitrary, arcane facts with ease when needed to operate a new phone or play a card trading game. 4). If it's fun it sticks, if it's not fun then it's the start of a negative attitude to numbers. 5). Knowing times tables is just a life skill, they have to be learned by rote and it has almost nothing to do with mathematics.
NB this app was developed using pi3d, a python module that started life as an easy to use 3D graphics system for the Raspberry Pi computer. If you have a Raspberry Pi or a linux computer then you can download and run the software for free. see github.com/paddywwoof/transcendental-fruit.git
It also required the amazing resources of python-for-android and kivy, many thanks to them.


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