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MiGHTY DOTS Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - MiGHTY DOTS

Welcome to the future, save the world by stopping the evil rings from wiping out the whole DOT world.
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This giveaway offer has expired. MiGHTY DOTS is now available on the regular basis.

Welcome to the future, save the world by stopping the evil rings from wiping out the whole DOT world.

Gameplay is simple; Tap the screen ensuring that the correctly colored MiGHTY DOT is in the path of its corresponding incoming ring. Do you have what it takes to become MiGHTY and save the world.  Like other games, like the world renowned game Tetris, we give you a chance at the start, but you should make sure that you do not become complacent and DO NOT take your eyes off of the screen.

Make no mistake; the game becomes faster and faster until only the truly MiGHTY survive.

BE AWARE: this game is addictive and compelling, plus you want to be the best, and now it is easier than ever to prove. We have included a leaderboard and you can also choose to share your highscore, via Twitter or Facebook. When you work as hard as you will in order to achieve the high scores in this game, then why not show off to your friends and the entire world how MiGHTY you are.

★ Install the game today and unlock the ad-free version of MiGHTY DOTS, FREE today! ★

Fun extras:
Earn badges, for reaching certain milestones and undertaking certain actions.
Share your scores with your friends, easily on Twitter/Facebook (100% optional).
A multitude of different backgrounds.
Made using Cocos2d-x

To master this game you will have to rely on your instincts and skill.

Will you answer the call?


Sonar Systems










2.3 and up

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