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Mystic Portal Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Mystic Portal

A live wallpaper showing mystical worlds and portals.
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3D Live Wallpaper Mystic Portal allows you to move to other worlds with the help of bright, inviting portals! In a mysterious mystical world, one of the five portals will take you, and you will find yourself in a completely different, uninhabited dimension, where there is darkness illuminated by flashes of the portal, and around only emptiness, ashes and fire.

3D Live wallpaper Mystic Portal represented by five completely different portals in the form of arches, columns or stone spikes. Portals differ in their structure, core, surrounding world and effects. The core of the portals has the appearance of luminous balls or fiery smoothness, spewing out the burning ashes. 3D Live Wallpaper have the property of scrolling and illuminate the entire screen with a bright flash from the epicenter of the portal when touching.

Live Wallpaper can be customized to your liking by selecting one of the five portals and applying the possible settings to it. You can choose the color of the portal itself and the ambient lighting from a huge color palette. For each portal there are additional settings in the form of a fire path leading to the portal, or colored ash. These settings will allow you to create your unique fascinating portal in this dark, mysterious world.











4.0.3 and up

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