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Naturhome, treat yourself naturally! Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Naturhome, treat yourself naturally!

The benefits of Naturopathy for your health!
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Naturhome, treat yourself naturally!
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The benefits of Naturopathy for your health!

This application will help you by using:
- Essential oils
- Herbal medicine
- Homeopathy
- Lithotherapy
- Gemmotherapy
- Bach Flowers
- Dietary methods such as Cretan, Swedish, Mediterranean, Asian diets, as well as the list of foods that are beneficial to health.

Find the synergies of essential oils, plants or Bach flowers to treat you.

Learn the naturopathy techniques or draw your energy in precious stones.

Find your aches and pains (Diabetes, Thyroid, diarrhea, fever, colitis, stress, insomnia...), seek your treatment for a natural health comfort.

A forum is at your disposal to answer your well-being questions.

It's time to relearn how to live with Nature with Naturhome.

Welcome to naturhome, the complete site of alternative medicine, an alternative way to treat yourself naturally at home!

Naturopathy is a complete and coherent medical system focused on stimulating the body's natural self-healing and mechanisms.

It aims primarily to activate, nurture and strengthen these mechanisms rather than to eliminate symptoms or directly attack pathogens.

The patient is mainly responsible for the deficiencies of his body. Only nature will be able to recyify the situation, provided it is given the means to do so.

Among the preferred tools of naturopathy, we find, among others, phytotherapy, essential oils, diet, homeopathy, acupuncture, physical manipulation, stress management techniques, and many others related to nature...

Naturopathy is the art and the way of making available to the consultant all natural methods to safeguard its health: physical and emotional.

From diet to plants, energy techniques and stress management, the naturopath must develop to achieve homeostasis (balance) of the "individual" with a light spirit made of knowledge, empathy and generosity.

Considering environmental intoxication, the presence of the naturopath becomes essential to prevent all the harmful consequences of this fast-paced modern life.

The Naturhome website aims to give you advice on lifestyle, diet and the benefits of Naturopathy.

It is structured around different themes to facilitate your research and information, but Naturhome is not medical site.

The information provided by the Naturhome website is only for information purposes. The consultation of one or more pages of the Naturhome site and/or a site referenced by Naturhome must not delay or cancel a consultation with a health professional. You can read our privacy policy.





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