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NG Flight Simulator Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - NG Flight Simulator

The best flight simulation experience on mobile devices using latest technologies.
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NG Flight Simulator
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"NG Flight Simulator" offers the best flight simulation experience on mobile devices using latest technologies. No matter if you are experienced pilot or just starting as a novice, you will find this flight sim entertaining. Explore exciting regions from around the world and missions based on actual events. Fly the best passenger plane and try to save all the people onboard.

Enjoy flying a fully featured flight simulator. We give you a fantastic opportunity to see what pilots encounter facing critical situations. There are 5 different chapters to explore each having different actual life scenarios that happened in the past. Do you remember famous Hudson River emergency landing? There are over 30 missions based on actual events. Try these yourself and see if you can safely land the plane on the airport! Start your flying experience with the best passenger aircraft ever designed.

If you watched any of the Air Crash Investigation episodes or Mayday this flight simulator is for you. If you were ever flying passenger aircraft like boeing 737, 747 or an airbus A320 / A380 now you can sit in the cockpit and take full control of the aircraft.

- Each aircraft designed with physics engine to support realistic plane behaviour
- Multiple regions featuring high definition endless terrains with great set of airports with precise runway and taxiway design
- Various time of day and weather conditions (including rain, snow, tornado and thunderstorm)
- Realistic atmospherics with the sun, fly thorugh clouds and fog
- Autopilot with A/T mode and automatic level and straight flight
- Automatic navigation display (flight planing system) showing flight path to the nearest airport
- Great set of realistic plane instruments (air speed, vertical speed, altitude, horizon and engine rpm indicators)
- Instrument Landing System (ILS)
- Fun and challenging missions based on the actual events (water landing, fire in the cockpit, lost engine, broken indicator and much more)
- Aircraft cockpit with working gauges, suspension and gear animations, moveable flaps, elevators and ailerons
- Intuitive mobile controls and addictive gameplay
- Easy tutorials teaching the basics of instruments, takeoffs & landings

Play it anywhere.
NG Flight Simulator doesn't require internet connection. Bored at the airport? Or have a long flight? Fly with the pilot and land at the same time as in real life.

No additional downloads.
Our game doesn't require additional downloads. No need to wait for missions to start.

Please note that this is just an airplane game. Airplanes are still the most safe mean of transport. Any similarity between planes used in this game and real airliners is accidental. Our intention is not to show any airline in a bad light.

We dedicate this flight simulator to all who lost their lives or suffered injuries in airplane crashes.

We are committed to mimic real plane physics as much as possible and provide features that exist in real planes. We understand real pilots are playing this flight simulator as well as unexperienced players. Some features are simplified so anyone can understand and play without hassle. If you however notice anything unusual or behaving incorrectly it’s always a good idea to leave us a comment on the review or contact us directly via support page. Try to explain in details what is not right instead of just throwing empty bad reviews as this doesn’t help in improving the simulator. All the reviews and comments are addressed before next update is available.

We would like to hear your opinion, please rate and send your feedback to flyingdreamscompany@gmail.com

Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ngflightsimulator



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