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Notepad Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Notepad Pro

Get a new, comfortable and simple notepad notepad right on your Android.
$13.99 EXPIRED
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This giveaway offer has expired. Notepad Pro is now available on the regular basis.

Notepad Pro
Get a new, comfortable and simple notepad notepad right on your Android. Notepad is always in your hand, you just have to write or write down something you don't want to forget, you can't even save it, it will do it for you.
If you want to write notes, you also have the opportunity to share notes with your friends or relatives
If you want to skip many articles and don't know where you want to go? Your new notebook will find it easily
Notepad is OK for students when it comes to writing grid sheets.

- Automatically save notes
- Undo the painting
- Edit name or note
- Eraser is used to remove colored areas from the active layer or selection of this layer, leaving behind the transparency.
- Supports plotting boards for graffiti-like sketching with color, thickness and intensity selections
- "Add Bookmark" will help you keep a desktop shortcut to your note or draw it as a reminder.
- Drawings, color pickers
- Drawing photo notes
- Photo note text
- Voice notes
- Reminder
- Shopping list
- Gallery notes
- Back color
- Backup / Import / Export to SD card
Daily / Weekly /
- Video notes
- Password protection

Are you a creative person? Not only do you have to record your ideas but also do sketches as pictures, but this new notepad is for you!
With this feature, you can quickly and easily create a note in the form of sketches, drawings, or handwriting.
Bright palettes and vivid colors will help you express all your feelings while drawing.
A great alternative to the manuscript is a Galaxy Note 5 device with a pen, you can create a masterpiece.
Fast, easy, beautiful and accessible anytime. This is your need












4.0 and up

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First of all, what "really" helpful graphics! They certainly help one evaluate whether this could be useful -- I don't think! I mean why bother? And if you ARE going to show some images, why not make them of a decent size, not such a fraction of our own screen? Still, as I say, they are not very helpful, anyway....

I am perturbed by the words, "You can't even save it, it will do it for you." What if if it DOESN'T save? Or what if you don't WANT to save something?

In fact, judging by the simplistic graphics, I'd say that simply creating a WA account in your own name, and dictating into the messages pad, and saving it by "sending" to yourself, is just about as good, if not better -- at least if you're a writer, like me.

Either that, or they have to do a whole lot better job of "selling" their app.

Especially with such a relatively high price tag.

Reply   |   Comment by tranmontane  –  4 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)
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