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Number Speaker Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Number Speaker

This app will quickly and easily read numbers and speak them out for you aloud.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Number Speaker is now available on the regular basis.

This app will quickly and easily read numbers and speak them out for you aloud - a great help for the partially sighted or those of us who don't happen to have their reading glasses to hand.
Unlike other scanning apps, this one runs entirely on your Android device without needing a network, so there are NO data charges or network delays whatsoever, and the numbers you want to read are not uploaded to any server.
Use Number Speaker to take the hassle out of numbers by scanning them with a single finger tap - use it on business cards, directories, contact details in leaflets or adverts, or anything that has the number you want without the need to decipher small text or type lots of digits. It also works on other kinds of number you may need to note down quickly, such as product codes, serial numbers, zip codes, and so on.
Save time and avoid hassle by reading and recognising numbers automatically. With Number Speaker you no longer have to read, type in, write down or remember long phone numbers - simply use the camera on your Android device to quickly scan the number you want, and Number Speaker will recognise the digits for you automatically, accurately, and within seconds. You can then phone that number by simply tapping it with your finger, or add it to your contacts, or copy and paste it into another application or document.

(1) Hold your Android device over the text with the number you want to scan. Position it such that the number (and nothing else) appears in Number Speaker's focussing window. If necessary, you can change the size of the focussing window by moving the boxes in its corners.
(2) If possible, try to ensure the number is in focus. On most devices Number Speaker will adjust the focus automatically (auto-focus), so usually you just need to wait a second or two and the number will be in focus automatically. Scanning also works much better when there is good lighting.
(3) Tap the camera icon to take a picture of the number. Number Speaker will analyse the image you took and recognise, display, and speak out aloud the number within a few seconds. You can then tap the number to add it to your contacts, make a phone call, or copy it into another application.
(4) Recognition works best on numbers written in large clear fonts with good contrast (i.e. dark numbers on light background or vice versa). If there was a problem with the recognition, then simply try again. Number Speaker is designed for printed numbers, although clear handwritten numbers (not joined-up) are also often recognised.
(5) To take a new image, simply press the 'back' button on your Android device.












2.3.3 and up

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