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Oil Bird Oracle Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Oil Bird Oracle

A full and complete listing of every Oil Well's location in North Dakota
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This giveaway offer has expired. Oil Bird Oracle is now available on the regular basis.

A full and complete listing of every Oil Well's location in North Dakota. Easily search for and find a specific well FASTER than you've ever done, and then with one click - it takes you to your native map and navigation app whether you use Google Maps or anything else, getting from here to there has never been faster or more reliable than with Oil Bird Oracle.

Don't bother scrolling through a cheap webview window or copy & pasted excel spreadsheet, or limiting yourself to only the maps competitors force you to use.

Enjoy the full power of choice, the fastest searching functions and the easiest compatibility with your favorite maps.

Oil bird Oracle is 100% offline capable when you pre-download Google Map data, something our competitors dont want you to know!, and with a legacy that starts before our competition, we offer the safest android experience. Ever notice some other apps want access to your camera, text messages, and the ability to record audio?

We don't ask for non-sense permissions. Trust those who've done it right from the start. Trust Oil Bird Oracle.

Buy it ONCE, enjoy for a lifetime. No hidden subscriptions or monthly fees, no Activation, no phone numbers you to need to call in the middle of the night when you need to get there NOW.

Your purchase will include all our updates to the well list so you can stay on top of the game.


Oil Bird Oracle and BakkenTools does not offer route information. We only provide location information of wells officially registered with the State of North Dakota. Your use of Google Maps, or other maps is in no way our Responsibility, however we do provide compatibility. The oilfield is constantly changing and we recommend scouting your route out first with Satellite imagery. Google Maps allows you to pre-download entire areas for offline use.


Bakken Tools


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4.0.3 and up

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