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Orthodox Calendar of Saints OS Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Orthodox Calendar of Saints OS

This Calendar is a calendar listing the Orthodox Chirstian Saints for each day of the year.
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This Calendar is a calendar listing the Orthodox Chirstian Saints for each day of the year.
The Saints listed are based on the list of Sanits found in the Saint Herman of Alaska Calendar, by Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, California. i have not updated the list of Saints in awhile so there may be Saints in the Saint Herman of Alaska Calendar that are not found in this calendar. i hope to update the list as i can with app updates, a little at a time.
This version list only the fixed day Saints for old style calendar(Julian) users.
Also in this version i have added a daily saying from a Holy Father, there are right now only 19 (more to come later i hope).
A new style calendar doing the same is all ready on the Android Market, to be shortly updated to this too
In futurre versions i hope to included the moveable feasts and Saints and a daily saying of one of the
Holy Farthers and more Holy Icons and some form of coloring or notation for days of fasting.
If you select the menu button you can get this about and change the date and view the Saints of that day.
If you run in to any problems let me know at
with a note in subject "About Orthodox Calendar". i should be able to respond fairly quickly. If you find or think i have infringed on someones copy rights please let me know at the email above and i will correct the oversite if there is one. i believe all that i have here is in the public domain. i am not a lawyer so if i have erred in this please be patient and i will correct the error. Thank You.
This was built on Android 1.6 has been tested on 2.2.2 and on LG Optimus, HTC EVO, and a Samsung.
These are smart phone with 3 to 4 inch screens. I have not tested on larger pads but have tested on multiple densities
so should work on them.
UPDATE INFO Aug. 10, 2011,
This update adds fasting and fast free information to the App. The Title Bar changes telling date. day of week
and if it is a fast day or not. The background to the text area changes; A normal non-fast day is white, a fast
day is a light purple or pinkish color, a fast free day is a light green color, and Cheese fare week is a light
orange or brownish color.
Also a screen fix for the larger screens like the Motorola Droid 11 which showed a part of the second screen on the first.
This is tested on emulators seems fine but let me know it its does not work on your phone.


Brion Cook










1.6 and up

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