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Perfect Personal - Body fat calculator, workout Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Perfect Personal - Body fat calculator, workout

You can now share all evaluations, workouts and evolution charts with your student.
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Questo giveaway è scaduto. Perfect Personal - Body fat calculator, workout è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

NEW - Clients App - You can now share all evaluations, workouts and evolution charts with your student. When you update your App, the data is automatically sent to the Clients App and he has all the information in your hand in its own App!

Perfect Personal is a complete tool for the modern Personal Trainer, with this App, you'll be able to manage clients, build workout plans, perform body fat evaluations, and various performance reports in chart format. Read the full description:

(1) Client registration
Record and manage your clients quickly. Add profile photos. Keep the active client list always currently, and you also may activate or inactivate clients by visualizing active clients on the top of the list.

(2) Body fat calculator with caliper:
Physical evaluations to calculate the body fat percentage, lean mass, fat mass and BMI being able to use up to 8 different protocols of skinfolds: Parrillo, Yuhasz, Jackson Pollock 7, Jackson Pollock 4, Jackson Pollock 3, Durnin Womersley, Petrosky and Sloan.

Add clients photos from the front, back and profile for future comparisons in order to have a better visualization of the results.

This is the most complete fat percentage calculator for app stores, the only one that automatically calculates the results of other protocols, in case the measurements of the skinfolds are the same. For example: For men, using the Jackson Pollock 7 protocol for an evaluation, the results of the Jackson Pollock 4, Jackson Pollock 3 and Sloan protocols are shown simultaneously (see screenshot 3).

Perform full and rapid evaluations. There are eight evaluation protocols available: from Parillo (9-skinfolds) to Sloan (only 2-skinfolds).

(3) Bioimpedance
Add bioimpedance evaluations data in case you have a device that uses bio impedance in order to calculate the percentage of fat and other results.

(4) Perimetry and Waist-hip ratio
Record your clients perimeter measurements to assess their progress and validate their results. Get the result of the waist-hip ratio in each new perimetry.

(5) Workout Programs
Build complete workouts using the Model Trainings feature combined with Clients workout programs. Choose the training objectives and start immediately registering exercises: Simple series, Bi-sets, Tri-sets or Giant sets. Choose the execution method (Normal, Pyramid, Drop-set, Rest pause, Eccentric, warming up) of the series and also the quantity with respective loads of weights, repetitions and interval time.
Build personalized and valid training program with deadlines for each client. You’ll be able to choose pre-registered training (models) as a base or to develop new specific training.

(6) Client Goals
Save in the client's profile their workout goals.

(7) Health information
Keep an updated history of the client health information by recording them by categories.

(8) Evolution graphs and photographic reports
Visualize the client's progress in a chart format and individually isolate each variable from the evaluations or perimeters:
Evaluation results (Body fat percentage, weight, lean mass, fat mass, BMI).
Bioimpedance results (Body fat percentage, weight, lean mass, fat mass, visceral fat).
Photos report enabling visualization of the analysis of side-by-side photos from the front, profile, and back.
Perimetry: Waist-hip ratio and all measurements individually.

(9) Quick evaluation
You will be able to quickly carry out body fat percentage evaluations without the need of enrolling the client, ideal for personal trainers of gyms who perform many assessments per week for sporadic clients.

(10) Settings
Measure using your preferred units of measurement and weight: kilogram and centimeter or pound and inch. Choose your preferred date format.

(12) Backup on Cloud
Work safely, Perfect Personal saves all application data to the cloud preventing data loss.


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