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Pikefossen Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Pikefossen

Experience the incredible story of the tough and resourceful girl.
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Experience the incredible story of the tough and resourceful girl, Miija, who, against all odds, survived a dramatic journey down a waterfall.
This is the story of how a waterfall was named Pikefossen.
The story is that it is lawful to err and that forgiveness is gold.

An interactive and educational adventure time with illustrations, animation and games.

Suitable for children from 4 years. < br>
There are no in-app payments or third-party advertising in the game.

Language: Norwegian and Northern Sami.

The app has an educational and entertaining feature with multiple games:
- Playing fadno flute: Memorization, melody learning and fine motor skills.
- Goat reindeer: Timing, reaction and count to ten (addition).
- River Escape: Addition, subtraction, timing and reaction.

History deals with forgiveness, failure and generosity

Produced with support from the Sami Parliament

For parents
The apps developed by Miksapix Interactive are playful, entertaining and stimulates children's natural curiosity and the urge to experience good stories. The apps have an exciting, safe and fun tone and are designed to be user-friendly so that children can easily use them on their own. Parents should feel confident that they are downloading apps with quality stories from Miksapix Interactive.
At Miksapix Interactive we take your child's safety very seriously and we try our best to make you as a parent have fun with the apps with your child safely.
Feel free to sit with your child on the phone or pad. It can be a pleasant adventure moment for both of you. Also, the child may need some guidance in the beginning. It may also be good to accustom the child to the fact that it is the adults who set time limits for using the apps.

Miksapix Interactive produces interactive adventure tracks with Sami folk tales and legends. Fairy tales and stories with educational function, morals and truth of life. The apps include illustrations, animations, storytelling, games and interactivity to create the complete experience.

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Guldal ja geahča earenoamáš muitalusa Miija birra, gii lea čáffat ja hutkái. Son beasai heakkas vaikko gárttai rávnnji mielde goržái. Then the moon will be moved to the next day. Yes muitalus čájeha ahte lea lohpi meaddit yes ahte ándagassii addin lea that divraseamos mii gávdno.

Then le interactiv muitalusboddu mas lea muitaleaddji jietna, govat, speallut ja animašuvnnat.
That hot month gas can 4 ya 8 chase.

If you want to make an in-app giveaway, you have to let the goalmealbealle-mainnus then speal.

Dat appat maid Miksapix Interactive lea ráhkadan leat dakkárat maiguin sowhtát leat stoahkalas, mat leat guoimmuheaddjit ja mat boktet máná lunddolaš sáhkkivuođa ja high vásihit buriid muitalusaid. Appat leat hui gelddolaččat, ja sawhttá leat oadjebas go daid atná. Your leaning will be equal to or less than that at that time. The food you have eaten because you have to go to the base of Miksapix Interactive appaid main leat quality quality.


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4.1 and up

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