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Platon Todo List Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Platon Todo List

Platon is a app for managing your ToDo's, tasks and ideas.
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Platon Todo List
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Platon is a app for managing your ToDo's, tasks and ideas. You can share your lists between differnt users.

You want to increase your productivity?
You want to share your ideas and tasks with friends and colleagues but not with companies?
You don't want to create a user account?
You don't want a monthly or annual subscription?

Then Platon is the right choice. Because of a secure end-to-end encryption not even we have access to the data. The data is encrypted locally on your mobile phone and decrypted on the recipient's mobile phone. Access to the data is not possible.

current features:
- secure end-to-end encryption
- support of the most common mobile phone platforms
- Night mode
- comment function incl. pictures for the tasks
- background image per task possible
- collaborate by assigning tasks to others
- set priorities
- set due dates
- intelligent lists
- adjust the colors within Platon
- coupling of devices via barcode scan or PIN

planned features:
- WebClient (almost finished)
- print
- to realize your ideas


1hand4you UG (haftungsbeschränkt)










4.1 and up

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