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ProGo App - Productive goals Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - ProGo App - Productive goals

The ProGo app lets you plan yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. ProGo App - Productive goals is now available on the regular basis.

Research has shown that goal planning boosts productivity. The ProGo app lets you plan yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. All while maintaining a simple interface, unlike complicated apps, so you only spend a few minutes per day on planning.

In a study conducted by Thomas C. Corley on the habits of wealthy people versus poor people, there were a number of findings which indicate that goal setting contributes greatly to your success. The study found that 67% of wealthy people write down their goals in comparison to only 17% of poor people. In addition, 80% of the wealthy focus on achieving a specific goal compared to 12% of the poor. This pattern suggests that if you take the time to write down your goals, you will be more prepared and organized to succeed in your career.

Begin by setting yearly goals, those could be general. Then move to less general monthly goals and so one until planning punctual daily goals.

• Track yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, together with priorities and categories.
• Get motivated and inspired on a daily basis by reading a daily quote, from a collection of hand-picked quotes. A daily quote promotes prolonged goal commitment.
• Review goal completion statistics.
• Review archived goals.
• State of the art design that meets modern guidelines.
• Over 20 color themes to choose from.
• The ProGo app is in perpetual development. New features will be added to future updates based on user recommendations.












4.1 and up

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