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Project IO: Star Battleships [Sci-fi Game] Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Project IO: Star Battleships [Sci-fi Game]

A Strategy Scifi Game, in which you will play as a commander, try to loot resources from enemy space stations.
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Project IO: Star Battleships is a Strategy Scifi Game, in which you will play as a commander, try to loot resources from enemy space stations by using your empire fleet to colonize planets. That resources will be used to build and upgrade your space empire.

NOTE: support DAYDREAM platform only!!!


✓ Collect Resources: we use Resource Station to collect energy and crystal. It will be collected automatically but capacity is limited, so that you need to come back every day to collect all. In addition, the main resource you can gather comes from galaxy conquer battles, and you will need a large number of space warships to fight and loot resources from another space station.

✓ Build Station: Use that resources to upgrade your Stations. Upgrade Military Stations to activate more spaceships, upgrade Laboratory Stations to modernize warship, upgrade Spacecraft Carrier to get more space for spaceship.

✓ Medal system: After each galaxy battle, beside the resources you also gain bonus points, which are used to evaluate your rankings through the Medal system.


✓ You can activate Shield to protect your Space Station, during activation your station will not be attacked by enemy.

✓ In offline time, your starships were also used as a defense system against attacks.

✓ You can upgraded armor, speed and also dame index of starship.

✓ After each space combat, in addition to the number of looted energy and crystal units, you may suffer a number of battleships.

✓ The game uses in-app purchase for some items, you can disable it in your device's settings.

✓ The galaxy battlefield - star wars will be implemented in the next version.


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7.0 and up

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