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Q Alerts (Q Anon Alerts for New QAnon Drops) Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Q Alerts (Q Anon Alerts for New QAnon Drops)

Q Alerts notifies you when Q Anon makes new drops on 8chan.
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Esta oferta de regalo ha expirado. Q Alerts (Q Anon Alerts for New QAnon Drops) ya está disponible.

Q Alerts notifies you when Q Anon makes new drops on 8chan. It also allows you to search, browse and research QAnon posts.

As a QAnon follower, active patriot and software developer by trade, all throughout the day I found myself opening a browser and refreshing in order to see if there were any new drops.

How convenient would it be to automatically be notified of new drops? Therefore, I wrote this app since there wasn’t one available at the time on the GPS. It is my hope that this app is a "convenience" to other patriots as well as we try to balance our home, family and work lives with our patriot activities and duties to our country and our world.


» Q Alerts will send a push notification to your device within a few minutes of when Q makes a new drop.

» Search Q drops across all boards; PatriotsFight, QResearch, GreatAwakening, TheStorm and CBTS.

» New posts are marked as unread allowing you to easily see which drops you have or have not read. Mark any post as read or unread by long-pressing it in the list.

» Easily share any post via email, social media, clipboard and many other methods.

» Long-press sections within a post to copy the data to your clipboard.

» Long-press any image within a post to save the image to your camera roll.

» Images within posts display the image file names, because image names matter. Tap an image to view full-sized.

» Links within posts are tap-able and are opened in the appropriate application.

» Tappable link to the original post.

» Swipe left and right to view next and previous post.

» Searchable list of acronyms/abbreviations that are often used by Q. Not sure what +++ or RR means? Easily find the answer from the main list or the post details screen. Long-press any definition to copy it to your clipboard. This list may also be shared via the share icon. Users who would like to suggest an entry be added can use the + icon to make a suggestion. This list is housed on our servers so we can instantly update it without releasing an app update.

» From dark to light; Choose from two color schemes.

» Choose from two listing styles; “Combined Boards” shows all Q posts from all boards chronologically or “Separate Boards” which groups post according to the board they were posted to.

» Choose to use either the Q Alerts internal web browser or a web browser on your device.

» For newbies, the globe icon includes links to the original boards (i.e. PatriotsFight on 8chan), other consolidated research sites such as and as well as popular YouTube channels who do a great job at decoding Q drops.

» Q Alerts obtains a list of Q boards from our servers rather than the list being built into the app. This ensures that we can get you "back to Q" when Q switches boards without the need for you to wait for an app update. We also built in a fall-back so that in case our servers are ever down momentarily, the app will fall-back to the list of boards defined within the app.


Desarrollador:, Inc.







Mature 17+


4.1 and up

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