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RAL + NCS colors. Wall paint tester, swatch & fan Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - RAL + NCS colors. Wall paint tester, swatch & fan

The best RAL and NCS electronic catalogue in the world!
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This giveaway offer has expired. RAL + NCS colors. Wall paint tester, swatch & fan is now available on the regular basis.

NO ADS! Best color swatch, fan & chart!

This app is created for true professionals! Thousands of architects, designers, engineers and just creative people from all over the world use our product. All users’ comments and wishes helped to establish a reliable, powerful and useful app. We have developed a physically correct 3D color display and perfected color reproduction. It’s an easy-to-master app, and its reliability and speed of operation will pleasantly surprise you. We can state with confidence that it is the best RAL and NCS electronic catalog in the world!

RAL and NCS are international color matching systems actual for almost every field. RAL and NCS color standards became dominant in architecture, design, industry and commerce. Major world companies use RAL and NCS colors in their production processes.

- original RAL color palettes: CLASSIC, DESIGN, EFFECT
- original NCS color fan
- physically correct 3D color display
- perfect color reproduction
- colors can be added to favorites
- convenient converter to RGB, CMYK, HEX
- application doesn’t need the Internet
- no ads

Classic color palette:
The classic color collection includes 213 colors (17 metallics and 5 luminescent shades). The first number in the title is a shade code (1 — yellow, 2 — orange, 3 — red, 4 — violet, 5 — blue, 6 — green, 7 — gray, 8 — brown, 9 — white and black)

Design color palette:
The collection is made for architects, designers and advertisers. It includes 1625 colors. Numbering: (HHH LL CC). Where H is shade, L is brightness and C is saturation. This system provides simplicity and ease of creating well-balanced color combinations

Effect color palette:
Collection for industrial sector. It includes 420 matte shades and 70 glossy metallics. The colors in the table are divided into groups of seven colors, each metallic is in harmony with six matte shades. Numbering: XXX-X or XXX-M, where M is a metallic

NCS color fan:
The Ncs system is used in 19 countries and is adopted as the standard for color definition in Sweden, Norway and Spain. When describing colors, six simple colors are used: white, black, red, yellow, green and blue. All other colors are available in a combination of primary colors (for example, orange color is reddish and yellowish simultaneously)

In this app you will find all the most popular collections. You will be able to evaluate each color visually and use it in your projects. We have achieved the most accurate color reproduction, but it is important to understand that all colors in the electronic versions of catalogs are given for reference only!

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