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RandomDraw Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - RandomDraw

Assign an order or pair up entrants for an event.
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Drawing a number from a hat or basket is a common way to assign an order or pair up entrants for an event. RandomDraw allows using your phone to be used for that purpose along with providing some additional benefits such as assigning a name to that number and saving it for use later.

RandomDraw is currently set up for three specific scenarios:

Draw for Position - In this option, a maximum number of entrants is selected and a pool of numbers is created from one to the maximum number allowed. As each entry draws a number, his or her name is assigned to that number. This can be used to assign the starting order for an event.

Draw for Partners and Position - This option is similar to option 1 except that two of each number exist in the pool. As the numbers are drawn, people with matching numbers are paired. Their number is also used as an order for the event.

Draw for Mixed Partners and Position - Two separate pools are used for this option. The pools may be assigned names such as Men and Ladies or Pros and Ams. Each group draws from their own pool and paired with people from the other pool. This can be used to partner up mixed groups.

As numbers are drawn, the app displays the progress. At the end of the drawing, the list may be shared via email or other means. You may also set up default values for your drawings to make them very quick and easy to set up.

RandomDraw does not use any of your phone’s resources outside of its own space and therefore does not require any special Android permissions. It does not access your contacts or the internet and does not use the data resources you pay for to access anything.


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4.0 and up

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