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Rapid Tap Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Rapid Tap Pro

A simple but superbly entertaining tapping game.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Rapid Tap Pro is now available on the regular basis.

Rapid Tap Pro is a simple but superbly entertaining tapping game that will keep you engrossed on your android device for long. The beauty of this fast finger game is its simplicity of action but mastering its trial and beating the achievement level is really challenging!

How to play the game:

Post download simply start tapping as fast as possible on the screen following the color clue given for your next action. You have to tap all the same colored buttons at lightning fast speed to master this fast finger game. Faster you tap, you can score more. At the end of the game, you will get to see your score, the best score, number of games you have played, and the number of taps you have performed so far. Once you have unlocked the achievement level, you can play against a pre set timer! Time-tap will get more challenging and exciting!

Play the app Rapid Tap Pro game and check online how you are performing! You can access the achievement and leaderboard and easily can assess how you are mastering this tap-tap integrated speed up game.

App’s Features:
Before you download and start playing the app Rapid Tap Pro a reflex-packed tapping game, take a quick look at its interesting features:
• Easy-to-understand user interface to learn and play the tap game at ease,
• You need to tap faster in order to score more,
• Once you unlock the achievement level, you will take your level up!
• Access leaderboard to check how other online players are playing.
• You can share your score of this reflex game in your social networking sites,
• There is no interrupting ad here: you can play this fast finger game at random without any distraction.
• The app is optimized for all android devices.

Download the free app Rapid Tap Pro now and start patting as fast as possible to enjoy tapping frenzy at your fingertips. This is a kid’s friendly game: ask you kid to play the game. The fast tapping game will improve your kid’s motor skill and reflex play for sure!


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