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Rune clock lite Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Rune clock lite

The rune day is divided into 12 runes of the night and 12 runes of the day.
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The rune day is divided into 12 runes of the night and 12 runes of the day. The rune day or night hour has different durations depending on the season. The black arrow points to the runes of night and changes color to white when the rune day arrives. The correct time of 2 sunset is set instead of the time of 1 sunset, when the arrow points to the FEHU rune (this is the last hour of the current rune day).

The application shows the exact time of action of the energy of each rune in a specific location of the user according to GPS for the current date and time, as they appeared to Odin. When the user's location changes, the duration of each rune is automatically recalculated for each location and on the move. The rune clock is implemented in exact accordance with the book "Rune Power" by Kenneth Meadows for any part of the world, including the Arctic Circle, where the runic days last for months.

In this application, the user studies the runes, reads the descriptions and mantic values ​​of the runes, evaluates on a 10-point scale the help of the runes in making decisions on specific tasks in a certain place at the current date and time.

App personalization:

When you start the application for the first time, you will need to enter any characters for the application owner's name and any numbers for the phone number. This data may be required in the future to access cloud functionality by generating an impersonal, unique identifier for your cloud application. At the moment, this data is not used.

How to use the rune clock:

1. The rune clock is a person's connection with the subtle world.
2. When any events happen to a person (hit his foot, the car did not start, spilled boiling water on himself, got a promotion at work, etc.), then all these events do not happen by themselves, they are created for a person by runes at a certain rune hour when he is moving towards a certain goal, to stop him, if his actions are wrong, to accelerate, if he is moving towards his goal in the right direction, to provide all-round help and support in any situation.
3. When such events occur, open the application, see which rune created this event for you, read the description of the general situation, mantic meanings and the description of the rune in order to understand what the rune wanted to tell you with this event and try to follow its instructions. Runes always work for the benefit of the person who directly uses them without any intermediaries.


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