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Slender Skin UX for Kustom/Klwp Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Slender Skin UX for Kustom/Klwp

A custom skin for Kustom/Klwp.
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Slender Skin UX for Kustom/Klwp
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.Contents of this application .....
1 Preset
The Preset Contains:

.A Page;

/ 1 .. ..Music player
/2.... Weather forecast, applications, etc
3 .... Feed / Rss in English and Spanish

Also includes;
-The current weather
-Direct access to phone applications
-Animations and more

What you need before use:
1 / Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro available here at Play Store
2 / A launcher like Nova Launcher (supported by klwp Pro)
In Nova Launcher you must select a free screen, show the notification bar and make it transparent, Dock Off, Done !!
3 / Open the Klwp Pro application and select this elegant theme in the Menu / Installed tab
4 / Wait for this theme to load "depending on the type of phone it will take more or less" about a minute
Done !! < br> Set this theme as the main wallpaper
.Video Demo for the most common doubts about this application .. ..https: //drive.google.com/folderview? id = 0B-iM8_ofhhWWZEJRM2hZZnBuMzA
✔If you have more questions you can contact us by email
Special thanks to the Developers Corpvitizw ™ and Predator Haley ™ for your collaboration in this and other projects

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Klwp Developers Team










5.0 and up


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