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Smart Welding Solutions Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Smart Welding Solutions Pro

Instant solution for various joint configurations and designs.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Smart Welding Solutions Pro is now available on the regular basis.

Instant solution for various joint Configurations /designs

Weld deposit weight Calculation ( by default steel )
Volume calculation
Cross Section Area Calculation
Surface opening calculation
Instant Comparison of weld deposition; volume; cross section areas; surface opening w.r.t to different angles.
Weld deposition weight calculation of other materials also feasible by change of respective material density.

Welding consumable weight calculation
Welding Time calculation
welding consumable cost calculation
Processing Cost calculation
Mandays calculation

Carbon equivalent calculation
Heat Input Calculation
Tube to Tubesheet expansion calculation

Groove design in such a way that it can calculate almost all feasible welding joint configurations instantly
There is provision of pdf conversion of all the values. That can be transferable to others.
Joint configurations included in this app are grooves, fillets, ESSC and Hard facing or built up.
Further, Groove Joint configuration- single bevel, double bevel, straight face, single V, Double V, Single J, Double J, Single U , Double U, tube to tube sheet joint , (TTJ), square joints ( by change of grove angle 0 degree ) etc. these are covered almost all type of groove designs.
There is universal groove joints configuration section, which is designed for almost all groove joint which can be generated with maximum double taper angles from both sides. Based on the inputs, you can get desired groove and results.

If any joint configuration is not covered in that, you can get divide into small joint configuration ( daughter grooves), which are covered in this application.
In that case you will get adequate information to get desired results. Eg:
1. Surface opening (1/2) of one daughter groove shall be root gap of other daughter groove.
2. Weld reinforcement shall not be considered when one daughter groove is covered with other daughter groove.
3. It is advise to make groove drawing and carefully define welding terms for each daughter grooves. Ensure for inputs for individual grooves and results received on this shall be recorded and subsequently used for further calculation and input for other daughter grooves as required.

The calculation has been done in such a way that results are higher side from conventions calculation. There are some assumptions are used in calculation . There may be difference in results from various practices used in welding industries.

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