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Soccer Live 3D Wallpaper Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Soccer Live 3D Wallpaper

Set your background to a bouncing ball moving on a soccer field.
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Soccer Live 3D Wallpaper
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Set your background to a bouncing ball moving on a soccer field. Use Open GL (with Rajawali) and shaders for a simple but nice animated scene.
Will slow down automatically when the phone is not used to save battery (can be switched off in the preferences).
Stereoscopic 3D available in landscape on EVO 3D, ICS update needed, support of Optimus 3D planned. 3D will be available on EVO 3D pre-ICS, but it is glitchy (and can crash).
It is recommended that your device has enough memory (512K or more). Otherwise it might crash due to the high-resolution textures.
Built using the 3D Api Rajawali.
No ads of any kind, just the application.


Alain Becam










2.2 and up

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