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Sound Recorder Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Sound Recorder Pro

High-quality audio/voice recorder for Android.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Sound Recorder Pro is now available on the regular basis.

High quality audio / voice recorder for Android.

- raw MIC data (captures all sound)
- stereo MIC (if device has 2 MICs) - listen with headphones and feel surrounded by the sound
- lossless audio format (PCM WAV)
- sample rate 8kHz to 192kHz (older devices may not support all the sample rates)
- bits per sample selection 16-bit (high quality) / 8-bit (record files to use in some embedded systems)
- ajustable gain 0 to 60 dB or automatic (look-ahead AGC)
- AGC buffer step selection 10ms to 500ms
- AGC measured amplitude averaging factor A_avg 0 = max. amplitude, 1 = buffer average
- user-configurable file name including date and time
- 4GB file size technical limit - new file created automatically to continue recording
- stereo / mono channel selection
- swap left/right option
- left/right balance +/- 10 dB
- keep screen ON - option so that device does not enter sleep (due to a security update in Android now microphone gets cut off after a few seconds for background apps :( )
- disable ringing and vibration while recording - option so that the recording does not get ruined by the phone ring or vibration

- NEW! convert wav to m4a to get smaller file size (requires Android 4.3 and up)

You have to see the magic of automatic sound level / gain control (AGC), especially if you use to record meetings / lectures. It works as follows: it amplifies the quiet sounds to capture all, but then if a loud sound happens, it gets reduced volume to not blow your ears.


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2.2 and up


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