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Android Giveaway of the Day - STRONGMom

STRONGMom is the first complete strength training tool for women before, during and after pregnancy.
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STRONGMom is the first complete strength training tool for women before, during and after
pregnancy. With the help of over 100 exercises, you can stay healthy and strong with safe and
fun pregnancy training. With the help of the app, you can easily plan, log and organize your
training from the time you plan to get pregnant, throughout your pregnancy, and postpartum.
The app uses your due date, ensuring that the exercises are safe and effective each step of the

Before pregnancy, for those who plan to become pregnant and want to start a healthy
Prepare for pregnancy with appropriate exercises to strengthen your body for the nine-month
journey. We recommended strengthening the body both mentally and physically before
becoming pregnant.
During pregnancy, for expectant mothers.
The workouts during pregnancy are divided into the following categories: First Trimester;
Second Trimester, Part 1; Second Trimester, Part 2; Third Trimester, Part 1; and Third
Trimester, Part 2 in order to safely provide exercises and workouts that are suitable for every
stage of pregnancy. Each exercise is carefully selected to ensure your safety and to strengthen
your body physically and mentally for the upcoming birth. Exercising during pregnancy has
many health benefits for you and your child, as well as increasing the chances of having a
smoother delivery. By entering your estimated due date, the app takes you to the right trimester
and the appropriate corresponding exercises.
After pregnancy, for new moms and mothers with older children.
STRONGmom consists of exercises for all stages of motherhood, from new moms to mothers of
older children. Safe training is provided to gradually build up and safely help the body recover
from pregnancy and childbirth. After pregnancy, the focus is on building a solid base,
strengthening your core while safely adding additional exercises. This approach will help to
strengthen the whole body over time. Connecting with the deep abdominal muscles also helps
to better activate the glute muscles, in turn helping to better align your body and posture.
If you would like additional guidance in planning your workouts, you can add our premium
programs from inside the app. Premium encourages you to train with the app regularly, 3-5
times a week. Prepare your body for pregnancy, stay strong during the pregnancy and join us in
becoming strong for life!

● All exercises can be done at home, and the only equipment you need is a yoga mat,
pilates ball, exercise bands and dumbbells.
● Each exercise comes with a short video and description.
● Each exercise is carefully selected to safely guide you through your individual stage.
Functions in the basic offer:
● Select from over 100 exercises
● Plan, log and organize training
● Photo timeline
● Document your workouts
● Save your favorite exercises
● Share your progress
● Training guide and good information about what happens to the body during each stage
of pregnancy and postpartum
Features in the premium offer:
● Everything in the base offer (see above).
● Premade training programs, including strength, cardio workouts and wellness tips.
● Easy to enter the premium training programs into the calendar using the selected date or
due date.
You can subscribe to STRONGMom in three different ways:
● The basic offer for a one-time purchase.
● An ongoing monthly subscription for premium programs.
● A 12 month premium program for a reduced price.
If you choose to subscribe to STRONGMom Premium, your purchase will be charged to your
iTunes account. The subscription will be automatically renewed 24 hours before it expires, and
you can manage it from the User Preferences in iTunes after the purchase.


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