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SwingD Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - SwingD

Allows its users to determine whether a hitter or team of hitters is able to efficiently react to pitches.
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This giveaway offer has expired. SwingD is now available on the regular basis.

The overall focus of SwingD is to allow its users to determine whether a hitter or team of hitters is able to efficiently react to pitches and the percentage of time a hitter is able to hit the ball hard. Simple logic and game data both indicate that hitters are more likely to hit a ball hard if they swing at strikes and do not swing at balls. Data from major league baseball clearly shows that the harder a ball is hit the more likely a hitter will get on base. Teams that are able to draw more walks (not swinging at balls), strike out less often, and hit the ball harder score more runs.

The overall SwingD process can be summed up in three general steps.
1. Record hitting performance during game and batting practice.
2. Send hitting performance data for instant analysis by using the upload link provided inside SwingD app.
3. View reports by logging in at the dedicated SwingD administrative website.

A few capabilities included in SwingD app are:
a. Unprecedented hitting analytics for all levels of baseball and softball.
b. Easily and quickly record hitting outcome for each individual pitch during game and batting practice.
c. Dynamic monitoring of inning, out, strike and ball count during game play.
d. Game summary report provides every pitch outcome with one-click anytime during game play.
e. End game and upload to view instant analysis report at dedicated website.
f. SwingD will keep up with pitch count for batting practice and game play.
g. Create custom team roster and set batting lineup as often as you need.
h. Enjoy and benefit from using SwingD knowing all your information is secure and available to you only.
i. Great customer support from the pros at SwingD who love softball and baseball.


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