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Android Giveaway of the Day - Tabs

Tabs is a user friendly talking app to keep tabs on friends in real time on a google map.
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This giveaway offer has expired. Tabs is now available on the regular basis.

Tabs is a user friendly talking app to keep tabs on friends in real time on a google map. It is great for a joint car cruise, trip to the park or just keeping tabs on the kids or friends. To test this app, load it into two phones, add each other to the Tabs contacts, and take them on a trip around town. You control the only phone numbers you share your location with(the Tabs contacts). It uses SMS phone to phone messages(not via any web service) to communicate location movement, so only users with an unlimited messaging account would be a candidate for use of this app. Highly configurable but set with default values for most users. The sms messages for communicating will be deleted but it does have a logging(paid version) option to save movements for replaying. It has a companiion app TabsSMS for messaging that will filter the movement messages from normal messaging. Save a location will put a red X on the map, for example, finding your parked car later. Find your phone if lost or stolen. The phone will respond with location unless app is uninstalled. It has a Wake option to have phone wake up on adjustable interval and log location and send update to father contact type, if requested, when the Tabs app is not active. This Can be triggered by father type contact load remote configuration. Keywords: Tabs, map, find your car











2.2 and up

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