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The Four-Way Test Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - The Four-Way Test

Four-way test of what we do.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. The Four-Way Test is now available on the regular basis.

Four-way test of what we do.

The application can be used on a computer with Mac OS or Windows 7-10, in the pre-installed free Android emulator: "BlueStacks".

The procedure for working with the test:

1. Establish a real, preferably smaller, assessment of the test components on a 10-point scale, in conditions of uncertainty or the beginning of a project, while the test will immediately show the possible causes of failures in the project and what needs to be paid attention to. It is always easier to increase test components than to decrease them, so it is better to underestimate and increase them based on facts only.

2. Balance the test at the recommended orange wheel level = take action to remove uncertainty at this level. Matching the test with the orange wheel is the minimum cost for a fair treatment of reality, while if some components are below the orange wheel, then after a while they will cause uncertainty in other components, so aligning the wheel to 100% balance at the orange level wheels are necessary primarily for a correct assessment of the current reality.

3. Increase the test component values ​​in a balanced way up to 10, step by step, so that all uncertainties in the test and in the actions are consistently eliminated.

As a result of the work on the project, it will be known in advance that the project, which was difficult to start, will be successfully completed about half of its implementation due to the parallel work on the test, since the test makes it possible to correctly highlight the emphasis in your work on the project with stakeholders and current circumstances on each stage of the project and thus predetermines its successful implementation. Moreover, if the project is unsuccessful, then this will also be known at half of its implementation and not at the end, since a timely analysis of all the circumstances for the project is carried out on the basis of a test, which can save time and avoid unnecessary costs.

In fact, the use of a test allows projects to be successful by shifting the focus from what is done to how it is done and what contributes or hinders, which makes the test applicable to any aspect of life and / or activity.


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5.0 and up

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