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The Perfect Guide To Lose Your Body Weight Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - The Perfect Guide To Lose Your Body Weight

The Perfect Guide To Lose Your Body Weight
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This giveaway offer has been expired. The Perfect Guide To Lose Your Body Weight is now available on the regular basis.

Why You Put On Weight?
1.Eating fast can make you gain weight. This is because it takes time for your brain to receive signals that you are satisfied. Once you eat fast, you have a tendency to overeat (which you may not even be aware of). By doing this, you will take in more calories than you need. 2.Depression and low self esteem can also make you put on weight. When you are constantly depressed or sad you may look for something to keep you happy and most people turn to food. This makes you add weight. Some anti-depressants also make you add weight. 3.There are other drugs that can make you gain weight. They range from contraceptive pills to steroids, drugs for hormone therapy, heart condition drugs, heartburn medications, anti-seizure drugs, some treatment for arthritis and breast cancer drugs also make you add weight. 4.Deficiency of some nutrients can also make you add weight. If your body lacks nutrients such as magnesium, Vitamin D or iron it can affect your body’s immunity and drain your energy and metabolism. This can make you feel dizzy so you go for a quick fix (something that has sugar or junk food) which is addictive and can make you add a few extra pounds around your waist. 5.As you age, you find out that you will add more weight. It takes your body more time to carry out its functions or burn more calories. 6.If you have digestive challenges such as slow bowel movements you might add weight.


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