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The Test of Love Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - The Test of Love

The Test contains 4 independent, equivalent questions.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. The Test of Love is now available on the regular basis.

The application can be used on a computer with Mac OS or Windows 7-10, in the pre-installed free Android emulator: "BlueStacks".

Areas for testing are all thoughts, words, or actions aimed at strengthening love and relationships.

The Test contains 4 independent, equivalent questions:

1)Is it TRUE?
2)Is it FAIR for both?
3)Does it create mutual CORDIALITY and a better RELATIONSHIP?
4)Is it SUITABLE for both?

Test questions can be replaced in your language if your localization is different from EN or ES.

Common use of the Test:
To determine the significance of a simple area chosen for the test, you need to answer 4 questions - Yes or No. If you indicated at least one assessment - No, then the area did not pass the test and it must be recognized as insignificant, that is, discarded.

The need to introduce an Extended assessment of Test questions:
In reality, all areas are complex, with many factors influencing their assessment. It is not always possible to simply answer the questions of the test of a complex area, like Yes or No, because, when assessing such an area at the current moment, there may be justified doubts about the fairness of such an assessment. To do this, it is advisable to recognize any study area as Conditional Significant and expand the rating scale from 0 = No to 10 = Yes. Thus, we give the opportunity, the area of interest to us, to manifest itself, after some time of observation, in a solid Yes or No when answering each question of the Test. In this type of testing, we will exclude unjustified leaning back or making a decision about the significance of the area experienced by the Test, at the moment, which may be important for the relationship.

Advanced use of the Test:
With an extended assessment of the area on a 10-point scale, it is not possible to fully take this area into account in your activities, but it can and should be taken into account to a greater or lesser extent, in proportion to the Level and Balance of all values of answers to the Test questions, where the Test Level shows the average value of all values of answers to test questions, and the Test Balance shows the deviation of the values of answers to Test questions from the Test Level. If the Test Level is greater than 5, then the Conditional Significance tends to become fully significant over time, so it makes sense to consider such an area to a greater extent, subject to further observation. If the Test Level is equal to or less than 5, then it is better not to take into account such an area in the activity at the moment, but it is advisable to observe it over time, since in the future its Test Level may increase and then it can give additional potential. Not all good ideas are taken straight away, but over time they can become meaningful. In the extended Test, now, you can check it on your problems. In this application, the Wheel of Balance of Test Questions is used, which allows you to immediately see the Level and Balance of the Test after answering the questions on a 10-point scale, to observe in time the changes in your assessments of the study area and its tendency to full significance or complete insignificance. In the application, you can explore an unlimited number of research areas, remember all changes by dates, set goals to achieve the significance of each research area, if it depends on you, and track the timing of their completion.

Expanded use of the test also allows you to explore areas in time in which you are currently absolutely confident and guided in your relationship. Everything changes.


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