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Topographie Deutschland MapApp Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Topographie Deutschland MapApp

With this app, you can playfully learn about the federal states and neighboring countries of Germany.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Topographie Deutschland MapApp is now available on the regular basis.

This is the premium version of the free app 'Learn federal states: MapApp'.

As a Christmas present, all of my apps are now available for free. I had a lot of fun programming. Unfortunately, for personal and professional reasons, I can no longer keep the app up to date. So I hope that it will continue to give as many users as possible joy and fun while learning, even without updating.

With this app, you can playfully learn about the federal states and neighboring countries of Germany with their capitals, as well as the largest rivers and lakes, the low mountain range and many selected cities.
It goes from the simple view of the map, over a quiz, in which quick answers are necessary, to a sophisticated learning system based on the card box principle.
If you don't know what to do next, there are helpful explanations to help you use the app as easily as possible.

You can choose between different categories in the app.
1) You can choose a quiz category in which you can name or show as many answers as possible correctly as quickly as possible for a high score. To do this, you can independently choose what exactly you want to be queried before the quiz. So you can only make a selection, or allow all questions at once.
2) There is also a learning category. There is a prefabricated card index box that you can use to study without rushing. Again you can choose whether you want to be queried by simply pointing by tapping the card or by typing in the correct answer. Incorrectly answered questions are put back in Box 1. Correctly answered questions are placed in the next higher box in ascending order to box 5. In this way you can easily assess what you still have to learn and what you have already mastered.
3) Last but not least, there is the option of simply looking at the existing map and clicking through it. So you can see directly which this or that area is on the map.

Each of these categories is available for the selection options federal states with capital cities (also available in isolation as a free app without advertising), cities, bodies of water, low mountain ranges and Neighboring countries with capitals.
For cities, bodies of water and low mountain ranges, several levels of difficulty have now been introduced so that the huge number does not kill you and you can expand your queries in an orderly manner. In the quiz, the ability to choose the elements to be queried is becoming more important, as you can test your knowledge well outside of the learning category (e.g. only query low mountain ranges of the medium difficulty level).

At You can also decide for yourself whether you would like to learn the location and names of the cities on a political or geographical map. Of course, you can switch freely at any time. Regardless of this, the cities can be found in 4 levels of difficulty with 30 cities each.
The largest rivers in Germany are hidden behind the waters. But in more difficult stages you can also find the largest lakes and rivers that are rarely known. However, if you don't want to learn these, they don't block your learning success on large rivers. These are queried like the capitals of the federal states; you can just as easily leave them out.
The selection of neighboring countries is structured in a similar way to the selection of federal states, only on an even larger map section.












2.2 and up

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