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Touch and Connect Fun edition Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Touch and Connect Fun edition

This app was made based on three concepts to encourage child development
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This giveaway offer has expired. Touch and Connect Fun edition is now available on the regular basis.

This app was made based on three concepts to encourage child development.
1. Can be intuitively navigated by touch.
2. Encourages play, learning, ambition through a sense of accomplishment and understanding.
3. Interacting cooperatively with adults is good experience for children and helps to encourage development.

You can enjoy two different contents that allow you to interact with others.

“Tapping Sumo Wrestling”
This is a two-player game to play the paper sumo wrestling by tapping the hand icons. Touch the referee’s fan to begin a match. There are several sumo wrestling moves implemented.

Goals and tips
The child will learn pleasure of playing with others through this apps.
He will learn skills of controlling his own action according to actions of the other player, the concept of victory/defeat in a match, and to share the fun with others regardless of the result of the match.
If the child wants to play another match he needs to communicate that desire with his playmate.
This apps will provide the child with opportunity to foster his motivation to communicate with others and to acquire a higher-level of communication skill.

Tips to Parents
This connectool requires the child to be aware of the other player.
Enjoy this game with the child by saying, “Ready. Set. Go!” or “(The child’s name), Go! Go! Go!” and “I won’t be defeated.”
Help the child express his desire to play a match again and have ways to convey his message prepared.
If you are trying to teach the child a particular communication method for the first time or teach him a more advanced communication method, use it yourself and communicate with the child that you want to play a match again and repeat the process many times

“Look This Way, Bear”
Let’s make the bear on a stomp facing away from you turn around.
Touch the bear, it will turn around to greet you.
You will have to touch the bear up to three times before he notices you are talking to him. (The number of touches will change randomly).
Touch his right ear, left ear, mouth, and belly when he turns around to face you.
The bear sometimes falls asleep but if you touch him he will wake up again.
Touch a basket next to the bear and he will show you a trick. There are other secrets hidden in the woods, the hollow of the tree, the bee hive, and the tree sprout.

Goals and tips
This apps simulates typical interactions with others in a daily life.
When the child plays in the woods with the bear he would feel as if he’s got another friend to play with besides the adult who is with the child using Touch and Connect.
The bear that turned around to face the child proves that the child’s message reached the bear, which gives the child confidence, and he will find it to send messages out interesting.
The interaction with the bear in the woods will provide the child the sense of self-efficacy.

Tips to Parents
If the child hits the screen too hard or appears lost, guide him by demonstrating gentle touches of the screen saying “Why don’t you tap it?” or “Well, why don’t you try it?” just like you are prompting others.
The child will learn social skills by watching an adult demonstrating proper behavior.
The number of touches to turn the bear around changes randomly. When the bear does not respond to the first touch, prompt the child saying, “Well. He didn’t notice you. Try again”.

Return to the main menu.
Please keep on pushing "the return button" more than three seconds.
This is designed not to shot down even if you touch the button during the operation by mistake.











4.0 and up

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