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UK Motorcycle Theory Test Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - UK Motorcycle Theory Test

An assistant for passing UK DSA Motorcycle Theory Test.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. UK Motorcycle Theory Test is now available on the regular basis.

Make sure you pass your UK DSA Motorcycle Theory Test with this great feature rich app containing the full official DSA test question bank. With over 830 questions covering all categories, this app with help you pass your test with flying colours.

Features Include:

Mock Test: The mock test is exactly the same as the real test with the same 57 minute time limit and the the same options - flag questions, review all question, review flagged questions and review incomplete questions.

Custom Test: Run a customised test with the following options:

-- select categories to include
-- select a time limit
-- turn on/off explanation with each questions
-- turn on/off correct answers each time you submit an answer
-- select number of questions to include
-- turn on/off Northern Ireland exempt questions

Review Test: Once you have completed a test you can review all questions with your answers and the correct answers clearly marked

Test History: All tests are stored with the overall score and the score for each category

Study: Browse through the entire set of DSA Test Bank question, answers and explanations by category

Book a Test: Book a test through the DSA website, by phone or look up the list of DSA test centres on the DSA website

Northern Ireland questions: Turn on/off the Northern Ireland exempt questions for the mock test by using the main menu options menu

Email Support: Send an email with any support question you have using this option and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a response

SD Card: This app can be moved to your SD Card

Free Version:

If you want to try this app before buying it then please see our lite version which is free. The lite version is the same as this version with only a limited set of the questions.












1.6 and up


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