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USMLE Clinic Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - USMLE Clinic

Prepare for the USMLE with a focus on clinically oriented material.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. USMLE Clinic is now available on the regular basis.

Prepare for the USMLE with a focus on clinically oriented material. Our app features several tools aimed at teaching you the fundamentals of medicine in short bursts. Install the app today and gain complete access to everything USMLE clinic has to offer.

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Chest X-rays
Accurate interpretation of conventional thoracic radiography is essential in clinical practice. Medical students and interns are expected to thoroughly evaluate a chest x-ray and then concisely report their findings in detail. However, obtaining the necessary skills to do to so with confidence can be frustrating. Introductory books can be expensive and still leave a lot to be desired. Studying from too many sources can be tiresome and confusing. Sometimes it can be surprisingly difficult to simply identify an abnormality. Have you ever read a description of an X-ray and wondered what it is exactly that you should be looking for? At other times it can be easy to locate the pathology but finding the appropriate terminology to articulate the morphologic details proves cumbersome. The aim of this learning tool is to enable you to recognize common and life-threatening conditions and provide an objective analysis. We have created a unique overlay for each X-ray image in this app to clearly highlight the relevant findings. The USMLE Clinic app currently provides over 30 AP chest X-rays with overlays and descriptions, but with many more on the way soon.

Learning electrocardiography is like learning a new language. The skill is a beautiful art that demystifies patterns and opens the door to communication with the heart. The waves and lines are the cardiac pen strokes, writing a letter to tell you of its current disposition. Although the task may initially seem daunting, the experience is worthwhile, and the ability is a must. The ECG images in this app come with colorful overlays, illustrations, and comprehensive, yet succinct descriptions. We hope that this visually oriented tool will help you develop the clinical acumen to feel like a fluent speaker of electrocardiography.

Here you will find lectures with pages of information on a single flashcard -albeit a rather dynamic one. The goal of these lectures is to help you avoid pitfalls and to prepare you for the inconspicuous complexity of common conditions. Because sometimes, even the most well-defined illnesses can yield tricky questions that require in-depth knowledge of contemporary algorithms. The field of medicine is extremely vast, and it is simply impossible to learn all of it. Thus, it helps to keep focus on material that will simplify your life in a clinical setting. That's why this app places an emphasis on the clinical manifestation of disease, targeted patient evaluation, and evidence-based management strategies.

These infographics are the perfect complement to our high-yield flashcards! They provide a visual review of similar conditions, algorithms, clinical scores, and more. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Here we provide brief descriptions of several important images of the retina and the middle ear. Recognition of common conditions (e.g., otitis media, papilledema) is crucial, but we also included a few “zebras” just for good measure.

We hope that you will find our app to be a useful supplement to your studies and that it will help to alleviate some of the stress of becoming a doctor!


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