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VectorScapes - Wallpaper Pack Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - VectorScapes - Wallpaper Pack

A collection of vector wallpapers.
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Vectorscapes is a collection of vector wallpapers that focuses on quality. It features original wallpapers as well as wallpapers inspired by various sources and adapted to create a collection with consistent high quality design. All the wallpapers are at least QHD with up to 4K resolutions and crafted with high aspect ratio phones in mind [18:9
screen ratios].

Do not download if you expect thousands of wallpapers, there are many free apps which have much larger collections. Vectorscapes aims at quality, not quantity. All wallpapers are exclusive and the number of wallpapers will increase over time.

◾High quality custom made wallpapers
◾Exclusive Content
◾Consistent design and quality
◾Thumbnails for fast previews
◾Weekly updates
◾Lock-screen wallpaper support for Android™ Nougat and above
◾Minimal, Cityscape, Landscape, AMOLED and Abstract category wallpapers

All the wallpapers are hand made unlike many other apps with wallpapers from the internet or various sources like unsplash. Vectorscapes doesn't have fake high resolution wallpapers which are simply up-scaled/edited low res wallpapers. For this reason it will NOT have thousands of wallpapers and daily updates. A few new wallpapers will be added weekly. Please appreciate the effort in making these wallpapers. All the wallpapers are created by me and for this reason the categories and wallpapers will be biased to my personal preferences and choices. Users can request wallpapers and alternate color schemes for existing wallpapers. Request will be fulfilled if possible.

Some users might experience excessive gradient banding but this is a device specific issue, with both the hardware and software to blame. Android™ employs compression while applying wallpapers which increases gradient banding. Higher quality displays with greater color accuracy will not be as susceptible to such artifacts.

If loading is stuck at 0%, switch to a different network/WiFi and retry.

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4.1 and up

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