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Voice Recorder for Android PRO Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Voice Recorder for Android PRO

Record your voice, audio, sleep and FM radio .
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Voice Recorder for Android PRO is now available on the regular basis.

"Schedule voice recorder" or "Voice Recorder": Now Record your voice ,audio ,sleep and FM radio . You are in hurry and does not listen your opponent carefully. Don't worry, Record all your voice ,audio and FM radio easily and can listen later. you can can share call recordings with anyone.You can schedule your voice record so it will be start recording voice automatically at schedule time.

Ad Free

You can add your TODO and set reminder for it.

Enjoy Voice recorder with TODO Reminder

Voice Recordings some times hardware dependent also.If you are not able to record properly try to set different recorder audio source from settings options.

* Voice ,audio and FM Radio can be recorded.
* Enable \ Disable Sleep Recording
* You can record your sleep also
* Recording can be done in background
* Set Password for Application from settings options
* Stop Voice recording from notification bar [ if notification bar is not in expanded mode with options, you can expand it yourself ]
* Upload your recordings to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive
* Add Remarks to your recordings
* Can change recordings storage
* Can create widget to see saved and unsaved recording count and click will open application
* Able to search voice recordings using remarks and name
* Able to search Remarks list using remarks
* Save or Starred call recordings so it won't be deleted automatically.
* Multiple options of recordings audio file format and recordings audio source.
* Multi Select option for voice recordings using long click press
* By seeing color of Mic icon you can identify which recordings is uploaded to clod or which is not uploaded.[Red -Not Uploaded and Green - Uploaded]
* New call automatically delete old Not saved calls once you reach Recording list count
* Remember to save your recordings
* Multi Select for recordings with Delete options
* Schedule your voice record for auto recording (Max 3 record schedule at a time)

* Can add your TODO List and set notification Reminder for it
* Can Edit your TODO
* Can Change status of TODO as Done, In Progress and cancel
* You can see status of TODO showing in color Such as Red -Cancel , Yellow- In Progress ,Green- Done and Black-Not yet started
* Able to search TODO List using TODO title and description

In Pro Version:
* Ad Free
* Can set Recording list count to 50 ,100,500,1000 and Unlimited
* Enable Auto Save of recordings
* Can Delete all recordings, all saved recordings and all Unsaved recordings
* Can Save and share all recordings, all saved recordings and all unsaved recordings
* Multi select for recordings with save ,share and upload to cloud options.
* Cloud upload with upload all saved recordings and upload all unsaved recordings
* Options to select recording to upload to cloud
* Schedule your voice record for auto recording (Unlimited)
* You can set Sleep start time and end time and days

android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO: This permission is used for recording the audio .

android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS: This permission is used for getting google account login in case of uploading recorded file to google drive.

We are not storing any data of your with us.

if you are finding any problems with app please mail to us. we will look into it.Leaving one star rating won't help us to improve app.












4.0 and up

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