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VoxBox ITC Spirit Box Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - VoxBox ITC Spirit Box

VoxBox is a random sound ITC Research tool which has built in sound banks.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. VoxBox ITC Spirit Box is now available on the regular basis.

See Video Of VoxBox In Action Above.

VoxBox is a random sound ITC Research tool which has built in sound banks which users can play the files within the app or record their own files and play those using the apps record feature or use a laptop/pc to chop up your own audio to add.

To record your own banks just hold the record button down for the desired amount of time needed then release record button and recording will stop and automatically and save to bank B.
It's recommended to record files no longer than 2-3 seconds because the app will not play any more than that of each file regardless of how long it is.

The app works by selecting files at random and then playing only a segment of each file at random so if the same file does play 2x in a row it wont sound the same as it will play a different part of the file at random each time the file its played.

When adjusting speed it will play more or less of the files. so for E.G if set at 2000Ms it will play at random each file upto 2000ms at random. so some files may play all 2000 ms so may only play 80 ms etc aswell as picking a random file.

There are 4 sound players which all play files at random when selected.

Bank A has random files.

Bank B is the user recorded files bank. (your own sound recordings) using record button in app or adding files from a laptop/pc.

Just add your own sound files after adding fx using 3rd party software into the apps storage folder in the bank B folder.

Bluetooth Speakers are supported.
To use bluetooth click the hammer and spanner in the top middle of the app.

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Please like my paranormal page on facebook for new releases and beta tests.

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Special thanks to:- AppyDroid and Zara Moncrieff

This app was created with help of the Unity Project. By AppyDroid.

Wood Background, and Logo Design By Zara Moncrieff


Mark Coultous










2.1 and up

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