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Warehouse Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Warehouse

Scan the bar code of the item you want to register in your store, complete and save the card.
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Scan the bar code of the item you want to register in your store, complete and save the card. You already have your first product, now this will be the only article that you will find in the Warehouse List or Search Brand (if you put even a letter that makes up the name of the brand, otherwise the product will not be found). In the two listings (Warehouse and Brand) with a click on the product that interests us, we will have a dialog window from which we can choose: Clear the article permanently, Update the article or Exit.
In the Warehouse listing there are three buttons, the first one is used to organize the list according to the Product type (az), the second according to the name of the Brand (az) and the last one to create a pdf document that you can print or share (in this point we advise to have installed Adobe Acrobat, the final results of the work of generating the pdf can be affected according to the application to which you want to delegate this work).
To update stocks or anything else, you can proceed manually by searching for the product by the name of the Brand or in the general list of the warehouse. We select the product and we have the window that allows us to modify the article. Or you can scan the code of the product that interests us (clicking on Output / Search Article) and now we have the possibility to update the product manually or -1 SCAN. This option allows us to remove 1 unit from the total of this product every time the scanner reads the bar code (if there are stocks) and if we change the product (if it exists in our list) it will continue removing one unit of the total, of the second product , every time you read the bar code. Everything you need to control your storage with a click


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4.1 and up

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