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Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Weatherback Weather Wallpaper

Never get bored of your wallpaper again.
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Never get bored of your wallpaper again. Mix your static wallpaper with the weather effects for a beautiful and artistic wallpaper experience. Weatherback Weather Wallpaper adds a realistic and beautiful look to your current wallpaper by enhancing it with weather effects. Just think about rolling over first thing in the morning and seeing the weather with a glance of your phone. The weather automatically updates as it changes outside and is extremely easy to integrate with your wallpaper, whether it is your phone or tablet.

✔ Stunning weather effects on top of your wallpaper
✔ Very low battery consumption that is barely noticeable
✔ Customizable effects allow you to pick the effects that you want
✔ Display random effects to show effects that you want instead of following the weather!

NOTE: If you would like to restore purchase, please send us an email first before leaving a bad review

------------- Free effects include --------------:

» Sunny
» Cloudy - customizable
» Light Rain
» Dust
» Dark


If there are problems or bugs with the app, please consider emailing us first. We are very responsive with emails. You can also find us on facebook and g+



Q: Can I get more accurate weather info?
A: Yes you can! you may change the weather service provider in settings

Q: I bought Weatherback Weatherback wallpaper earlier. Can I restore my purchase?
A: Yes, we provide free unlocker for those who bought it previously. Contact us at weatherbackapp@gmail.com

Q: Why does my wallpaper zoom in?
A: You are most likely using a customer launcher with a non-standard aspect ratio. There is very limited support due to custom launchers using many different mechanisms of interacting with wallpaper, so results can be unexpected.

Q: Why are effects static?
A: To reduce battery consumption to almost zero, and provide ultra-realistic effects that cannot be achieved with sprites

Q: Why do I get black screen?
A: On Older devices, effects may take longer to load, and will temporarily be black

Q: Will this use my data?
A: Only if data usage is enabled in settings

★★ If you like this app, you can purchase Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Unlocker version, which includes: ★★

★ Light Rain - customizable with more textures
★ Rain - customizable with more textures
★ Stars - customizable with more textures
★ Fog
★ Ice
★ Snow
★ Thunder


Phone state - check to see if SIM/data is available for data settings
Internet - used to access the Internet. App is getting weather data from there
Access Wi-Fi/network/phone state - app uses it to check which networks are available and restrict mobile data usage if corresponding checkbox in settings is checked
Access fine/coarse location - app uses those permissions to get user's location & later get weather for that region
Receive boot completed - app reschedules weather updates at phone reboot
Set wallpaper - app is Live Wallpaper and should be able to set wallpaper
Read logs - used to report errors to developer (can be unchecked in settings)












4.0.3 and up

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