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WeGrok! Strasbourg--Build Lasting Relationships Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - WeGrok! Strasbourg--Build Lasting Relationships

Easily and intuitively create a completely private and secure profile that describes accurately everything about you.
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This giveaway offer has expired. WeGrok! Strasbourg--Build Lasting Relationships is now available on the regular basis.

Imagine walking into a large room filled with people clothed in colors indicating the number of things they have in common with you: white indicating nothing in common, light green meaning one thing, orange for two things, etc., on up to, say, purple indicating that you have twenty or more things in common with that individual.

Now imagine everyone grouped by color, those in white off to your right, those wearing light green to their right, etc. By simply looking at anyone in one of these groups you would know exactly what the two of you have in common. These could be things like your age range, hometown, hobbies, sports interests, education...or even things that you don't normally reveal publicly, such as phobias or addictions, but with whom you'd gladly admit to someone you share them with.

WeGrok! Strasbourg is a new kind of social app. Rather than being a playground full of strangers where anything goes, WeGrok! Strasbourg is optimized for a single purpose: to locate others having many things in common with you and who live and work in or near the city of Strasbourg, France. WeGrok! Strasbourg is primarily oriented toward the francophone population.

Using WeGrok! Strasbourg, you can:

1. Easily and intuitively create a completely private and secure profile that describes accurately everything about you that you consider important
2. Locate others whose profiles intersect with yours
3. Filter profile intersections by the number of things you both have in common
4. Display a color-coded list of users having the prescribed number of matching attributes
5. Search for specific people by name and find what they have in common with you
6. Communicate with others without revealing your email address.
7. Optionally hide your identity, so your name and picture don't appear in any app lists or searches
8. Customize the colors used when displaying intersecting profiles
9. Be in a better position when deciding whether or not to respond to a message from a stranger

Make the decision today to supercharge your personal relationships with WeGrok!


Robert Uomini








Mature 17+


7.0 and up

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