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Western Duel Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Western Duel

This game allows you to create western duels via bluetooth, with your friends, using your smartphone.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Western Duel is now available on the regular basis.

This game allows you to create western duels via bluetooth, with your friends, using your smartphone as if it were a real gun. All you need to do is go to a maximum distance of 10 meters from your friend, challenge him in the game and...BANG!!! The fastest and/or most accurate shooter wins the challenge.
Train yourself in order to find the best grip and sharpen your reflexes, try to be at your maximum and beat your friends' records.

As soon as you enter the game, you will need to insert a nickname that will be used throughout the game.

Train yourself, it's useful for improving your reflexes as well as finding the best grip; click on "Training", position your smartphone head down, perpendicular to the floor, with the display facing your leg and then touch the display or the volume buttons for confirmation. Stay in this position until you hear the sound of the bell, otherwise the phone will start vibrating intermittently alerting you that you need to get back in position. When the smartphone vibrates continuously and the bells ring, you need to start shooting, in order to do that you need to point your smartphone to your opponent and touch the display or the volume buttons; The more your phone is perpendicular to the opponent at the moment of the shot, the more the shot will be accurate; but beware, speed is also very important.

Add a friend:
Go to "Options" and select "Add friend". On one of the phones select "Make me visible" and click on "Accept" when the Android confirmation shows up; on the other smartphone select "Find friend" and click on your friend's nickname. After a few seconds, a confirmation will come up for pairing the two devices. Select "Pair" and wait for the "Friend added" confirmation message.

Start a duel:
It will be now possible to start duels, therefore click on "New Challenge" from home and select the nickname of the friend you want to challenge. On the other smartphone, if the game is running, a question will pop up ​asking you to accept or deny the challenge, otherwise a notification will be received; in this case clicking on the notification will allow you to accept the challenge.

Other info:
From "Options" it is possible to view a summary for every friend you've challenged, showing the number of games won and lost, the best score achieved in the various challenges and the top speed.


Emilio Fuoco








Everyone 10+


4.2 and up

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