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ZENIT Tracks - GPS Recorder Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - ZENIT Tracks - GPS Recorder

ZENIT Tracks is the tool for route tracking by using the GPS location.
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ZENIT Tracks - GPS Recorder
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ZENIT Tracks is the tool for route tracking by using the GPS location. You can see your routes plotted in a highly-customizable map and all stats like distance, speed, route gradient are recorded so you can see them as stats or in a beautiful chart

ZENIT Tracks allows to import track files wherever you get them from, from Google Earth, Wikiloc or Strava for example, as it has support for GPX, KML, CSV and TCX files for GPS tracks and routes

With ZENIT Tracks you can export your tracks, to analyze them in a GPX Viewer, see in Google Earth or share them to networks like Wikiloc or Strava. You can export your recorded tracks as: GPX, KML, CSV or TCX


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