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Zombie Fighter : FPS zombie Shooter 3D Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Zombie Fighter : FPS zombie Shooter 3D

Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like Zombie Sniper mad max.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Zombie Fighter : FPS zombie Shooter 3D is now available on the regular basis.

Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like Zombie Sniper mad max. This is lightning-fast action you won’t soon forget as our hero chases down hordes of zombies.
Zombie Sniper Games 3D FPS - Last Man Standing Games, android zombie shooting game.
In Dead Zombie Sniper Frontier 2021 you will be armed with a gun and ammunition to fight. Your objective is to complete mission objectives of unskilled trigger shooting game.

The year is 2048 and something terrible has been unleashed from the Brownsville unto the world. Most people are getting sick, their whole body soon browns and then lost consciousness. They feel hopeless, what’s more the government is out of touch. The world is taken over by the zombies around who devour any living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans including students, the policeman called Luther, the doctor named Fifi, the timberman named Bam, workers, carters & etc. Infected people will assault healthy residents, triggering terribly wicked consequences.

Do you love to play a role of commander who love shooting zombies and no one can stop him?
You’re an amazing guy who helps to save the humanity from Zombie Apocalypse! Here in this
Zombie Fighter : FPS zombie Shooter 3D.) there are no rules and there is no order for which you have to wait. In “Zombie Hunting, City Hunter” you have access to all snipers and you get the best chance to become Special Sniper Zombie Shooter, So, would you avail that chance to become the city hunter, and superhero of the humanity?

There is a different dead monster needs to be killed is powerful enough that can kill you instantly. Try to make a headshot target kill taken, what is as simple as using a catapult. This will help you to shoot more zombies by saving your hunting gun ammo. You can take cover behind the destroyed cars, dustbins and destroyed building blocks

You can use your cash to buy new awesome deadly weapons and you can also upgrade your arms. New levels will be unlocked after completing the present one. As the sun rise up, the browns sky begin to brighten, a game is over.

- Sniper Shooting guns and short guns can be upgrade able offline with various parts.
- Amazing gun types for shooting in zombie games 2020 offline. Like MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416

Key Features of Zombie Fighter : FPS zombie Shooter 3D
✪ This is a Sniper Zombie FPS - Shooting Zombie Game Offline
✪ Enjoy the outstanding brilliant graphics of War Hunter and Zombie Hunter Game
✪ There are high quality sounds added Special Sniper Zombie Shooter (City Hunter Game)
✪ Zombie Hunting contains Appear boss zombies and various deadly zombies 2021.
✪ Zombie Hunter Game: Sniper Zombie FPS contains lots of missions and stages
✪ Clear the zombie 2021 shooting stages for getting lots of game money (Zombie Bom Hunter)
✪ You can also compete against global users by PVP in this Zombie 2021: FPS Shooter Game 2021
✪ Enjoy 3D Gun Shooting Game with small capacity, rapid loading and optimized system (and Hunt for Zombie)
✪ ‘Offline FPS Shooting Game 2021 Zombie Apocalypse’ give you chance to collect your deadly weapons and upgrade them stronger.
✪ Collect the special ability hunting and upgrade shooting skills in this Shooting Zombie Game Offline - War Hunter
✪ There are different kinds of weapons pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenade, and snipers includes in this Zombie Hunter Game: FPS Zombie Action 3d Game
✪ Zombie Hunting: Special Sniper Zombie Shooter (City Hunter, Zombie 2021) is 100% Free to Play!

So, what are you waiting for? Download our one and only FPS Zombie Action 3d Game which is an Offline FPS Shooting Game 2021 Zombie Apocalypse and enjoy this as a war hunter game by becoming the city hunter and savior of humanity!


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