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a Spinner - spin bottle Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - a Spinner - spin bottle

Is there a decision that needs to be made? Are you facing a choice between several options?
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Questo giveaway è scaduto. a Spinner - spin bottle è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

New: you can generate the wheel by searching places in the near. The feature is powered by Google Maps.

Is there a decision that needs to be made? Are you facing a choice between several options? Perhaps you're at a proverbial fork in the road. If so, aSpinner for your Android phone may provide the solution. The app generates a random spinner emulator for your home screen. Open the app and an arrow or bottle appears on a circular spinning surface. Spin it with your finger and see where the spinner lands. If Text-2-Speech is installed, the result will be read aloud.

aSpinner's pie-shaped spinning surface can be set with up to 36 options. You can choose whether each wedge is identically shaped or set a percentage value from the Menu tab. Color choices are customizable, personal photos can be applied to the spinning wheel, and you can save spins you use often in the List tab.

aSpinner can be enjoyed as a party game or for generating lottery numbers. It can be used to settle questions or even, if you're so inclined, as a moral compass.

This app is ad-free. The "Internet" permission is just intended for share or backup/restore the wheels online.
The wizard enables you to create wheels in an easy and quick way.

Users can share the contents via internet.


Ting Zheng










4.0.3 and up

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