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Cookie Animals VIP Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Cookie Animals VIP

A block-matching puzzle adventure game.
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◆ Cookie Animals VIP benefits ◆
- 50 gold payments (2 dollar)
     - All 3 items paid (3 dollar)
     - Eliminate interstitial advertisements (user selection reward ads exist)

◆ Welcome to the game ◆
■ If you read the introduction of a game, it will help you play games.
■ If you delete the game, please delete the data and log in before deleting the game.
■ If you tell us that the third story, which is no more than a story or ending, is no longer boring, please try to make sure that you have a cookie taste.

■ Explain Game
- "Cookie Animals" is a third-Match puzzle.
- When matching the 3 identical cookie blocks, the cookie blocks will be destroyed.
- Match 4 identical cookie blocks creates a horizontal, vertical cookie block of special abilities.
- Matching the 5 identical cookie blocks creates a special rainbow cookie block.
- Each stage (Level) has a mission and a mission is given up to three stars per star.
- Each 50 stage (Level) has a secret mission, and if you achieve three stars, a special animal will be rewarded.
- If you achieve a 300 stage (final level) mission, you will be able to view your end scene.

■ Game Story
There was a witch's castle deep in the forest.
The witch was so cute and lovely that humans loved it too.
Unfortunately, however, the witch had an incurable disease.
It's called "Noisiness" which is angry at the slightest noise.
And unfortunately, it was a peaceful forest, but there were lots of animals living there.
The animals were so happy that they always liked to play joyfully.

The cute and lovely witch who hated such sounds made one day.
I can't stand this noise anymore, so I won't let your animals make a dreadful curse to your animals anymore.I muttered a curse on the cursed word by myself.
Then the little noise spread far away along the forest, and the animals that heard the cursed little sound fell into a sweet sleep.

The animals that woke up were frightened.
Their bodies are turned into small cookies.
I just had to lie down and lie down and lie down.
Waiting for someone to save them.

Later, people called them "Cookie Animals"

■ Games Tip
- Obtain 3 Stars of Each Level of the Confidential Mission of the Level 50
- Recovered animals's Number X 10% : we will place a great item in the block during the play.
- Click on the play top of the "Images of the shepherd boy".
If you click on the play, you will be able to enter the "Attack method board".
- With the high level of difficulty (Level), you can easily turn it off if you use the item.
- The "Heart Max" item will continue to improve vitality.












4.1 and up

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