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Electrical Theory Basics - Study and Testing Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Electrical Theory Basics - Study and Testing

Learn the basics of Electrical theory.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Electrical Theory Basics - Study and Testing is now available on the regular basis.

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Hobbyists, DIY, Electricians, or people considering the Electrical Engineering path should download this app if they want to learn the basics of Electrical theory. People who purchase this app will learn the all the material a beginning Electrician or brand new Electrical Engineer in training will need to know for their careers. This includes practical skills you can use, and circuit diagrams you can build from. Even if you have no direct need for studying or tests ahead of you, this App will teach you straight from the very beginning with lessons and tests of your knowledge.


- Multiple choice picture and standard text based questions for tests on Electrical theory, circuits and math, prints, and Alternating Current

- Question & answer cards to casually browse, study and learn from so you can cut to the chase and start learning today

- Circuits to build or follow along with so that you will understand not just electronics but how home wiring works as well

- Lesson materials and over 3200 test questions for 27 subjects including :

1 ) Careers in Electricity
2 ) Electrical Safety
3 ) Basic Mathematics
4 ) Ohm's Law
5 ) Series Circuits
6 ) Parallel Circuits
7 ) Combination Circuits
8 ) 3 Wire Systems
9 ) Work and Power
10) Producing an EMF
11) Batteries and Cells
12) Electromagnetism
13) Generator terms
14) Meters
15) Conductors
16) Resistors
17) Splices and Terminations
18) Circuit switching
19) Relays and Transistors
20) Right Triangles
21) Phasors and Alternating Current
22) Inductors and Inductance
23) Capacitors and Capacitance
24) Power relationships
25) Interpreting Prints
26) Electrical Symbols
27) Electronics Symbols
28) Filters
29) 3-Phase Power

You don't need to know anything about the Electrical industry because the basics are all right here and contained in this simple to use app!

Follow along with these circuits :

1 ) Simple light switching
2 ) Three-Way light switching
3 ) Wiring Receptacles
4 ) Lighting an LED
5 ) Switching with Relays and Transistors
6 ) AC Transformer project

If you are just someone who is interested in Electrical topics and has had no exposure to it at all, this App is for you. This is the perfect starter/beginner app.


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