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First - a Calendar Watchface Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - First - a Calendar Watchface

A calendar-focused watch face with a clean, minimal design.
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*** IMPORTANT: If you install this on your Android phone, afterwards you will need to go to the Google Play Store on your watch, tap "Apps On Your Phone", and you will see all the watch apps on your phone that you can manually install, including this app! ***

First is a calendar-focused watch face with a clean, minimal design. Featuring calendar arcs to show your agenda, Complications, a powerful set of options for rich customization, and dark & bright screens for ease of viewing in all situations, First can bring your smartwatch to life.

Calendar Display
Using arcs colored from the event colors on your Google Calendar, First displays your agenda of meetings, events, and all-day events in a stylish and functional manner. First is designed to handle events even as long or longer than 12 hours with grace.

Dark & Bright
On AMOLED screens, the dark screen is not only clean and minimal, but saves battery too. For bright daylight situations, or when in need of a quick flashlight, the screen can be tapped to show a bright version of the watch face. Watch face options can be customized for each screen independently via the Advanced Settings menu, for a completely customizable experience.

Deep, Rich Customization
First features a powerful set of options to allow you to set it up exactly how you like it. Six pre-set option bundles allow for quick setup; or if you prefer, the Advanced Settings menu lets you choose each option individually.

- First is fully compatible with Wear OS 1.x (without Complications).
- First was designed to be compatible with round watches, square watches, and "flat-tire" watches.
- First has been tested and confirmed to work when paired with iOS devices, but calendar event colors are unavailable, and will instead show a default color. Arc colors may be chosen manually in the Advanced Settings menus for the dark and bright screens.
- On iOS, First will work with the Apple Calendar if the calendar cards are set to "Apple Calendar Event Cards" in the Android Wear iOS app. To use your Google Calendar, set it to "Google Calendar Event Cards", and make sure the "Your Feed" option is enabled.


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