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Flex-Alert Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Flex-Alert

Flex-Alert is a utility based app for Amazon Flex drivers to help assist users in finding blocks.
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Flex-Alert is a utility based app for Amazon Flex drivers to help assist users in finding blocks. Flex Alert does NOT automatically accept blocks for drivers and requires the Amazon Flex driver app to be open in order for it to be used.

Auto refresh
Flex-Alert can automatically refresh the offers screen for you.

External GPS & Auto Navigation
Tired of the GPS errors? Flex-Alert now gives you the option to launch Google Maps or Waze instead of using the default in app navigation. Use auto navigation to have Flex-Alert launch your map choice automatically.

Price Alerts
Do you have a minimum amount you like to take a block for? In Flex Alert you can set your minimum price before receiving any alerts, this allows you more time to focus on other task and only be notified on higher priced blocks.

Alert Sounds
Avoid staring at your screen, Flex-Alert will play a sound when a block has been detected.

Block Notifications
Turn on notifications and Flex-Alert will notify you when a user with the same warehouse ID finds a block.

If you have any suggestions/feedback for us, please email us at support@middletontech.com.

Flex-Alert does NOT collect any personal user data such as Amazon flex account details, name or address. Flex-Alert does NOT use or require any Amazon Flex user credentials.

This app uses Accessibility Services to assist users with disabilities and users who are unable to fully interact with their device. The app uses official Android Accessibility Service libraries provided by Google and payment processing provided by Google Playstore.


Middleton Technologies LLC










6.0 and up

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