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GPS-Explorer mobile Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - GPS-Explorer mobile

Would you like to use telematics services for your vehicles/objects in order to optimize your business processes?
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GPS-Explorer mobile
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Would you like to use telematics services for your vehicles/objects in order to optimize your business processes in the future? Then this is your application.
Vehicle, route and status information is transmitted live using the GPSoverIP™/DATAoverIP™/CANoverIP™ telematics services. By using this solution, you get an overview of the processes, processes, consumption and costs and can thus optimize and reduce them.
With the GPS Explorer mobile app for Android systems, you can do this while on the go. So don't hesitate. Download the GPS Explorer mobile app and get information everywhere about how economically your vehicles/objects are on the road, whether tours are going as planned and whether short-term changes can be announced at any time.

ATTENTION: This app requires registered and activated GPSoverIP hardware with a valid account. Please make sure that you have your valid account details, username and password, before purchasing.

Which vehicle/object is closer to a destination address?
Where are my vehicles/objects located?
How long has the vehicle/object been on the road?
What is the current status of the order?
What is the current temperature in the hold?
Are my taxis free or occupied?
and much more…
Fleet managers can manage the vehicles/objects or the entire fleet while on the go. This app can also be used to send driving orders or messages directly from the Andriod smartphone to the driver.
The GPS explorer mobile for the Andriod smartphone is a full-fledged program for fleet management. It enables mobile access to the position of all vehicles/objects in the fleet that are equipped with a GPSeye (or a GPSoverIP-enabled device). The update takes place every second, which allows a real live tracking/location of the vehicles/objects.

*Vehicle list
Provides information about the number of vehicles/objects available in the respective account, including the respective movement status (moving/standing).
* Switchable map view
Shows all vehicles/objects available in the respective account in motion on a world map, indicating the current direction and current speed.
Display of your own location using the location function of the Andriod device and the position of the desired vehicle/object.
* Ideas
Allows the setting of the map (satellite, street map, hybrid) as well as the update interval and the activation of extended status information.
* Vehicle details
- Status board
The driver can use the so-called status board to define a corresponding status, which is immediately displayed and documented.
- Taxi light status (note: additional accessories are required here)
- Temperature display (Caution: Additional accessories are required here)
- Digital status
The digital status transmits automated status information. For example via the door contact or the hydraulics. This status is immediately displayed and documented.
(Caution: Additional accessories are required here)
- Display of the on-board voltage present
- Display of e-mail address and number of unread messages
- Address resolution of the position data
- Altitude display
- GPS signal quality indicator
* More functions:
- Local search in the map
- Mark locations on the map
- Web share
- Manual position query
- Timeline with replay function / lane
- Speed ​​statistics
- Anti-theft protection
- Alarm function
- FMS data display
- OutputBox
- Navigation to the vehicle (via map app)
- Automatic login
… and much more!

About GPSoverIP:
GPSoverIP was developed specifically for the transmission of GPS and user data on the mobile Internet and enables, among other things, the live location of vehicles using the PUSH method. Vehicle tracking using GPSoverIP technology enables GPS tracking in under a second.


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