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LGS 2020 Konu Takibi ve Widget PRO 4000 Soru Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - LGS 2020 Konu Takibi ve Widget PRO 4000 Soru

A tracking widget for Android.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. LGS 2020 Konu Takibi ve Widget PRO 4000 Soru is now available on the regular basis.

LGS Subject Tracking and Widget PRO

First of all, our application, which has a nice and simple interface, tries to offer basic functions without tiring you. The application can be used offline without internet. Your data in LGS Subject Tracking and Counter application cannot be carried directly to this application.

Question Bank,
You can test your proficiency level and prepare for the exam better thanks to 4000 questions for the subject selected exam.

Daily Goals,
With this section, you can now set daily targets and follow these targets. You can see how many questions you have solved day by day and lesson.

Subject Tracking,
Thanks to the application, you can see all the topics that will appear on LGS in headings, and you will not lose time with the subjects you will study for the exam. Our application is vigilant against possible system changes and is constantly updated. You can save the topics you are working on by clicking on the boxes on the left.

Remaining Day Widgets,
You can see how many days you have left the exam with 7 different widgets without entering the application.

Motivational Quotes of the Day, < br> The carefully selected word that will motivate you for every day is also on the homepage.

Video Suggestion,
Every week, video suggestions such as stress management, exam and trial solving tactics, study methods are also included in the application.

You can record the questions you have solved, and see the number of questions you have solved on the basis of subjects and lessons.

Net Calculation,
With Net calculation, you can record your experiments together with their net and dates and see how much you have improved.

General Status,
You can easily find out how many questions you have from which general course and how many of the subjects you have completed from the General status section.

LGS Counter,
How long is the time left for the exam on the main screen, days, hours, minutes and you can see in seconds.

General Information,
Questions and answers about LGS are in this section. Thanks to this section, the question marks that you have in mind will be removed.

Give Feedback,
Our application is a new application and it is open to development in the light of your suggestions. You can email us by clicking the "Give Feedback" image on the main screen. You can help us improve our application by giving your opinions and suggestions.

Calculate Points,
You can calculate and save your trial points with this section.











4.3 and up

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